Acute Hip Flexor Pain

The following journal is an analysis for hip flexor pain affiliated with the gluteus medius. It can be remedied with neuromuscular therapy. The gluteus medius circulates hot pain from one injurious source. The gluteus minimus has a trigger point on the side of the hip. Also related are the gluteus maximus and the pirformis underneath the aforementioned trigger points that are in the hip and glutes.

The tensor fascia lata (hip flexor) can have substantial pain referrals in the hip joint.

Other profound trigger points of hip pain that circulates hot pain into the hip and laterally, aggravate from the multifidi (deep lumbar paraspinal muscles) and lumbar sections of two more peripheral erector spinae (lower back muscles).

Steady compression on an active hip flexors and  their hurtful trigger point stimulates relaxation and improves blood circulation to the hip flexors. Still, it does engender profound soreness afterward because of the discharging toxins that perpetuate the pain. An hour of therapy for these muscles provides substantial relief, so that hip flexor mobility is easier and local and referred trigger points of pain are diminished.

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