A strained groin is troublesome and heals sluggishly, because the damage inflicts a region of the body that’s seldom active. Therefore, range-of-motion (ROM) must be moderate to prevent aggravating more strain.

Stretch before and subsequent to aggressive activity to help avoid burdensome groin strain. Not only does the windshield wiper exercise adequately abate groin pain, but also is incorporated as a groin strain treatment regimen. Consult with a sports medicine or an orthopedic physician before conditioning your strain or returning to work.

Avoid Groin Strains

Directives for the windshield wiper exercise:

  1. Begin supine on a mat and settle your palms downward and straight from shoulder to shoulder
  2. Uplift your legs vertically from the surface and maintain the knees straight
  3. Shift the hips and thighs leftward while holding the shoulders on the mat
  4. Leisurely draw hips and thighs centrally and shift rightward. Backwards and forwards is one repetition

Conditioning a groin pull

The windshield wiper is a befitting oblique workout to enhance an already sturdy core. Intensifying this exercise is dictated on tempo and repetition that one can perform side to side. The windshield wiper workout also progresses ROM near the torso, which generally decreases because of an inactive lifestyle.

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