Best Exercises for a Pulled Hamstring


The hamstrings is three muscles. Hamstring injuries are graded one, two or three. The hamstring muscle sits along the back of the upper leg. Recovery time for a grade one or two strain is up to six weeks, usually for a minor strain or partial tear.

Common pulled hamstring symptoms are an abrupt pain in the back of the leg. Swelling and bruising are relative to strain, or a tear. Stretching probably causes discomfort.

Stretching exercises should be done but only when pain allows. Typically, strengthening exercises come before stretching. Strengthening exercises should be done without pain. Mobility exercises help decrease swelling in the injury area and improve circulation.

Mild hamstring strains after strengthening and stretching exercises need to be complimented with the conventional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) treatment. Both techniques maintain the hamstring flexible and warm ready for regular activity.

Stabilizing swelling, inflammation, and pain determines how fast a patient can start physiotherapy exercises to regain muscle strength. Physiotherapy exercises relative to a hamstring strain rehab program are

  • Ÿ  aerobic and muscle-building activities
  • Ÿ  hamstring curls
  • Ÿ  squats
  • Ÿ  water exercises
  • Ÿ  stationary cycling and walking
  • Ÿ  standing exercise
  • Ÿ  prone exercise
  • Ÿ  seated exercise

Gentle stretching exercises helps the hamstring regain normal tissue flexibility, and avert development of a scar tissue.

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