Calf Cramps While Sleeping

Athletic individuals are prone to painful foot and leg cramps that can disrupt sleep. A muscle spasm usually engenders when a calf muscle constricts when someone rolls-over in their sleep. If a calf cramp is related to a current condition you should be professionally treated immediately

Leg cramps can develop from:

  • chemical disparity, dehydration, insufficient activity, alcohol consumption, and medicine like cholesterol-lowering, diuretics, and particular antidepressants

Moreover, calcium insufficiency regularly prompts a leg cramp, particularly postmenopausal and pregnant women. Magnesium, potassium, and sodium also can provoke chemical imbalances.

Not exercising muscle also perpetuates nocturnal calf cramps. Walking even cycling daily then stretching leg and lower back muscles will stabilize stress in joints, and alleviate nerve compression that can aggravate a cramp.

Massaging and stretching a cramping calf muscle can expedite comfort. Stretch thrice daily, specially before sleeping.

Apply your hands against a wall then step backwards and straighten the knee and angle forward with heels on the surface, until experiencing considerable elasticity in the calf muscles. Control this position up to 10 seconds and repeat up to three times. If a cramp inflicts the feet, massaging a tennis ball near the bottom of bare soles a couple minutes daily – stimulates suppleness in the muscle.

Employing cold or heat therapy to a calf cramp assists to prevent spasms, if working-out isn’t helpful. Moreover, take a hot bath or employ a heat pad, hot water bottle or a cold pack to the calf. Sleeping with toes directed downward can aggravate cramping when rolling over, therefore position yourself comfortably and prevent wrapping your sheets firmly at the end of the bed. Add an extra sheet if feet or legs are cold at night. Increase calcium to a diet with milk (skim), nonfat yogurt or supplements, and copiously hydrate yourself and wear comfortable footwear.

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