Hip Flexor Stretch

Learn a simple stretch for your hip flexor muscle to prevent injury to this area. The hip flexor muscle is used to raise your leg and is used in jumping, running, and other explosive athletic movements. Visit hip flexor injury on the pulled muscle site to learn more about treatment and prevention.

How do you avoid a pulled muscle?

Critical warm-up tips to avoid muscle pulls You wake up early intending to start the day with your morning training.  Throw on your work out clothes, do a few stretches, and off you go.  What is wrong with this picture? A few key things to understand. 1.  In the morning, the body is tight.  Over the course of the day, it loosens up.  If you plan to wake up and train first thing in the...

A great stretch for the hamstring

Check this stretch out for the hamstring.  Great for preventing common hamstring injuries or tears.   Do after your body is sweating from a light warm up. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-fyceoaagk As always only go to a comfortable range. You are trying to stretch and warm up the muscle not tear muscle tissue.