Hamstring Injury – Golf Injuries

This video discusses the Hamstring Injury or a pulled hamstring, one of the common golf injuries and leg injuries. The hamstring injury is a strain or a tear to the back of the upper leg muscles. Difficulty of squatting and sitting are common symptoms. To learn how to treat a hamstring injury, visit our pulled hamstring treatment overview.

Hamstring Injury Prevention

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment | Prevention Efforts to fully and properly recover from a pulled hamstring pays dividends - few things are more frustrating than setting yourself back with a reinjury. Learning how to recover, maintain and prevent a hamstring injury is time well spent. Some key principles for hamstring strain or pull recovery include: If you consider your hamstring...

Hamstring Injury Treatment

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment | Prevention If you have a pulled hamstring, you can take certain steps to recovery quickly. Certain topical remedies, such as ice or herbal sprays, can be effective at limiting initial swelling. When applying ice to a hamstring pull, it is usually easiest to lay a cloth covered bag of ice on a chair and rest your leg on top of it. Don't apply ice for...

Pulled Hamstring Causes

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment | Prevention Because the hamstring is so essential to lower body motion, hamstring pulls are both common and often quite painful. Depending on the severity, you will experience various symptoms, many of which are outlined below. Common symptoms of a strained hamstring include: sudden, sharp pain at the back of the upper leg during exercise...

Stretches and exercises for the hamstring muscle

Learn a couple simple but uncommon ways to stretch your hamstring. Hamstring exercise and stretches done after you warm up can substantially reduce the risk of injury. Also to prevent soreness it is good to do at the end of a workout. Other

Pulled hamstring during a 500lb deadlift

How not to lift a heavy weight. Watch as this athlete sustains a torn hamstring during this deadlift. Learn more hamstring injury symptoms.