The forearm muscles frequently compress and lengthen the hand and wrist. These muscles are regularly employed for writing and isometric sports like tennis. Overworking forearm muscles usually consequences in tendonitis. Tendonitis perpetuates swelling and inflammation symptoms in the forearms; consequently it can hamper routine range-of-motion (ROM) in the hands.

Fist clench Fist Clench Forearm Pain

Curve the arms at the elbows and secure the fists, so that forearm muscles are flexing. Shift the arms so the hands are rotated to you. This incurvated position will assist stretch the posterior forearms and lightly stretch the anterior forearms. Maintain this posture up to 15 seconds then gyrate the palms to direct them efferently, and draw the fingers back to the chest. Control this position up to 15 seconds and disengage the stretch. Repeat and do it up to five times.

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