An assortment of tendons at the back of the knee is the hamstring. The hamstring muscles are three muscles situated at the posterior part of the thigh. A sore hamstring can be painful to a degree that body movements are impaired. It affects any demography. When it afflicts children then it is more painful, simultaneously the harmful effects may be more severe.


Sore hamstring after running, exercising or during sport activities demand the use of legs. It commonly happens if you actuate activity without warming-up or the muscles are overexerted. Muscle weakness and inflexibility onsets this problem. If you’re inexplicably agonizing from sore hamstrings, most likely your leg strength is imbalanced. Two conventional explanations can be over-stress on the legs or improper shoes. Some people are inherently physically disproportioned with leg-length incongruities.

Symptoms and grades of austerity

Hamstring soreness is typically three different grades.

  • In Grade 1, hamstring strain, only some muscle fibers are affected. There is a sense of tightness and a mild leg pain can be sensed after strenuous activity.
  • In Grade 2 hamstring injury, the damage is moderate and muscle pain is instantaneous after the injury. The injury is hyper-sensitive to the touch.
  • Grade 3 hamstring soreness is a serious condition because of total muscle rupture. Consequently, a sharp burning pain is experienced directly on the sore muscles. There will be a depression and a lump of muscle tissue sensed on the injury area. A few days afterward, bruising discoloration will be apparent in that area.

Primary counteractant

The following is the conventional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) technique, a home remedy.

  • Firstly, completely rest the legs to prevent further aggravation to the hamstring.
  • While resting the leg ensure the injury is elevated succeeded by applying ice therapy for 15-20 minutes usually by wrapping ice cubes in a thick piece of cloth. Then it should be repeated every two hours. Pain relieving medicines can be used to reduce the pain.
  • A compression bandage is very helpful to abate the internal bleeding and swelling of the tissues. If treatment is started immediately, then the pain and swelling usually subsides within a day or two.
  • When pain and swelling is managed start stretching the legs to dispel tendon stiffness and make the muscles flexible. Compression therapy also helps injury re-aggravation.

If after two days of home treatment the pain persists then visit a doctor. If there is a hamstring rupture surgery is obligatory. Never home-remedy sore hamstrings of children, because there may be a bone fracture.

The recovery time for a Grade 1, sore hamstring will be around three weeks, while a Grade 2 will between four to six weeks. Meanwhile, suspending all sporting activity and exercises is mandatory. A hamstring tear is going to be longer than three months, after surgery and a rehabilitation program. Regular hamstring strengthening exercises can prevent the recurrence of injury.

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