Recuperating a groin pull is indicative on the seriousness of the strain.

Isometric activities heighten the possibility of a groin pull, like jumping or running, basketball, etc. Furthermore, determinants like working-out when weary, overworked groin muscles also cold weather should be considered.

Analyzing a pulled groin muscle entails a patient’s history and a physical exam. The adductor muscles are checked for acute sensitivity, bruising, frailty, and pain. Pain medication is given for severe pain, and the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) technique is usually prescribed to abate pain, swelling and inflammation.

Pulled Groin Healing Time

Rehabbing a groin pull

Strained groin muscles are categorized according the amount of micro-tears in the adductor muscles. Generally, two weeks of rest heals a minor groin pull. Fractional tearing of the adductor muscle may be up to two months. Total separation of groin muscle may take up to three months to repair.

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