Hip Flexor Pain From Soccer

Hip flexor pain from soccer engenders because of repetitive kicking and constant running. The hip flexor muscles in the frontal upper thigh are the psoas major, psoas minor, iliac us, iliopsoas and sartorial. They shift the hips forward. Periodically, a strained hip flexor is misdiagnosed as groin or quad damage, but this strain is aggravated by a hyper-tear, during an intense kick or run.

Rehab and recuperation time for hip flexor pain. Hip flexor damage can be moderate to an acute muscle tear. A serious strain can entail more than 1.5 months of recovery. Hastily rebounding to intense activity will regress the recovery cycle. When you can accomplish complete range-of-motion (ROM) and can walk without trudging, then continue your routine lifestyle.

Rehabbing soccer related hip flexor pain

Strengthening hip flexors can be done with squats and lunges. Highly advisable is beginning with squats with toe raises and advancing to the walking lunge that enhances hip flexor elasticity and strength. To intensify this exercise try a partner supported one-leg squat, where you and your partner clutch each others’ shoulders then each of you stabilize on one leg, and angle the knee of the settled leg up to 90 degrees. To condition the hip flexors concomitantly with core workouts, the stability ball pike is recommendable. The shins are on the ball in a push-up position then roll the ball to the toes and contract the body into a reverse V position.

Flexibility. Hip flexor stretches for soccer can diminish muscle stiffness after exercising. Begin prostrate and have a partner pull the knee while maintaining it straight. Stretch the hip flexors instead of quads. Condition one leg at a time and maintain this position 10 seconds.

Recommendable exercises for hip flexor pain are:

  • hamstring stretch
  • kneeling hip flexor stretch
  • kneeling hip flexor stretch with foot support
  • quadriceps stretch
  • wall hip flexor mobilization

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