Wrapping a calf muscle can prevent strain-related injury, and helps stabilize pain.

The wrapping technique for a calf muscle injury is twofold on 1) the calf itself 2) or including the Achilles tendon.

  • Wrap the lower leg in pre-wrap foam. The wrap is one inch above the anklebone and circulate foam around your leg. Stop wrapping an inch below the knee. This foam prevents tape from sticking to the skin.
  • WŸrap medical tape over the pre-wrap foam similarly to wrapping the foam. Evaluate the tightness of the wrap, if it is painful during activity, because of poor circulation aggravated by the wrap. The wrapping process is restarted if uncomfortable.
  • Remove the wrap and the pre-wrap foam after activity (regularly used for activity support). Wrap for short intervals for extra support to perform necessary activities like work.

Commonly used calf support wrap are

  • Ÿ  compression sleeve
  • Ÿ  calf support
  • Ÿ  compression wrap
  • Ÿ  shin and calf sleeve, shin splints compression wrap
  • Ÿ  or a standard elastic wrap

Return to a regular active lifestyle when

  • Ÿ  a full range-of-motion (ROM) in the leg without any pain
  • Ÿ  full strength in your leg
  • Ÿ  jog straight ahead without pain or limping
  • Ÿ  sprint straight ahead without any pain or limping
  • Ÿ  stand on the tip of your toe without pain
  • Ÿ  jump on both the legs without pain

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