Lower Back Spasms

Back spasms regularly inflict the lower back. It impinges the back’s ligaments, muscles, and nerves (that’s quite agonizing). Lower back spasms feel like acute stiffness and pain. There is tactile contortion and tightness in the back muscles. The aftereffects of muscle constriction typically happen after abrupt trauma, yet the reaction can be gradual sometimes a few days afterward.

Back pain and spasms ensue sudden back agitation throughout intense activities. Also abrupt rotation of the trunk. And brusque muscle constriction of the back to avert falling. Occasionally, there is non-traumatic, serious cramping of back muscles, because of involuntary reactions from the stressed and extensive formations in the back.

Non-traumatic explanations of back spasms:

  • infections
  • recurring disc injury or inflammation (ex. distended or herniated disc)
  • ruptured ligaments
  • tumors

Home-treatment for a back spasm

  • Cease intense activity
  • Do cold therapy up to 15 minutes every 2 hours, for 2 days after trauma. Use an ice pack (bag of frozen produce). Cold therapy reduces swelling, helps healthier blood circulation, and prevents more spasms
  • Hot therapy. Moist heat technique is useful to abate muscle tension. Hot therapy ensues cold therapy. Variations of moist heat are immersing a towel in hot water, or using a hot water bottle
  • There are store-bought electric moist heating pads. A warm bath or shower are beneficial. Administer moist heat atop the spasm site up to 15 minutes every 4 hours until pain mitigates
  • Rest up to 3 days if the spasm was provoked by muscle damage. Flexibility and movement is important to diminish stiffness from inactivity. Leisure walks many time daily is helpful. Don’t rotate or lurch the trunk because it’ll perpetuate a spasm
  • Leisure therapy. Practice relaxing breathing techniques, mediation, or reading. Anything to relax


Workouts to alleviate back spasm

  • Control the back upright and move by uplifting (outstretching) the knees. This technique befits lower back cramps or soreness
  • Delicately stretch the back muscles by elevating the arms overhead. Do 10 reps by holding the arms aloft up to 10 seconds. Stretch up to 4 times daily
  • Lay on the floor with knees arched and feet even on the floor then draw a knee slowly to the chest. Control 10 seconds and lower the leg to the surface and repeat with the opposite knee. Do up to 10 reps, up to 3 times daily on each leg (without pain)


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