Neck Rotation Conditioning For Stiff Neck

Neck rotation conditioning is useful for stiff neck, because it alleviates pain by slackening and elongating neck muscles, tendons, and it vitalizes the cervical vertebrae nerves. This neck workout can be done standing or sitting. Before starting consult your physician  if you have recurring neck complications or have been dormant.

1) Have the feet at shoulder width distance. Have the back upright. Face straightforward. Dangle the arm laterally. Or sit with the back erect and hands atop the thighs. Face straightforward.


2) Gently breath, while exhaling casually rotate and outstretch the head leftward, until you’re facing over the left shoulder. Control this posture 2 seconds.

3) Repeat gentle breathing and slowly rotate the head forward. Then exhale while rotating the head rightward. Outstretch as afar as possible (even with mild discomfort), or till facing over the right shoulder. Control the position 2 seconds. Maintain rotating the head side to side. Breathe while rebounding to face forward. Exhale while rotating side to side. Every time attempt to outstretch the neck. Start with 10 or 12 rotations. Intensify up to 20 reps or condition a few minutes every time, up to twice daily.

This stretch elongates the muscles and tendons of the neck. Vitalizes the cervical vertebrae nerves and abates pain. Avoids neck complications.

Gently and profoundly breath while conditioning, but don’t overexert yourself if you experience pain. Apply a small portion of liniment to painful sites before conditioning.

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