Preventing Hamstring Strain

A strained hamstring frequently recurs because of prior damage to the assemblage of hamstring muscles. The following directives are for counteracting to discomfort or pain in the quad muscle.

  •  Cease working-out if there’s quad stiffness (tautness may occur prior to a tear engendering)
  • Diminish 10% of intensity, repetitions, and prolongation of workouts
  • Warming-up is a priority specially in colder weather

A progressive range-of-motion (ROM) quad stretch is for commencing rehab because all movement is checked. Angle and straighten the knee through its complete ROM. They can be performed sitting, standing or lying. Do 10 reps at least thrice daily.

Static quad stretches can be done standing or prostrate. Pull the strained leg to the glutes until experiencing moderate elasticity in the front thigh. To intensify elasticity, lean the hips backwards and control this position up to 30 seconds and do three sets. Do static stretches thrice daily.

A nonresistant quad stretch is employing external strength to elongate muscles. Do this stretch or the static quad stretch. Support yourself by standing in front of a wall – curve the knee and angle back onto the foot. Alternatively, a partner can compress and stretch the leg while laying-down. Control a stretch up to 30 seconds and do three sets, at least thrice daily.

The hip flexor stretch focuses on the rectus femoris and Iliopsoas muscles. Kneel on one knee and position the opposite foot outward with the knee angled. Press the hips forward and have the back straight-up.

Below are highly recommendable warm-up stretches for the quadriceps:

  • Forward Lunge elbow to instep
  • Heel to glutes – moving forward
  • Quad and hip flexor stretch
  • Rope stretch quads

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