Pulled Quad Prompt Treatment

Rotate cold and hot therapy every 15 minutes to decrease swelling. Without pain straighten the leg and elevate at as much and whenever possible.

Utilize crutches if walking is hampered. If you can’t endure body weight then securely bandage it (ace bandage or similar flexible product). Remove the bandage several times daily to repeat cold and hot therapy on achy muscles.

If a quad pull keeps you sleepless then massage heat lotion (ex. Tiger balm) on it and take one aspirin for pain relief.

Don’t hastily start walking on your pulled quad even if pain is diminishing. Slowly exercise, with forward lunges to slacken the stiffened quad muscles. Never workout a quad strain if you trudge. Stand with the strained leg behind you and compress the heel against the surface, while drawing the opposite leg in front of you then lunge forward. Control this posture without pain and do it leisurely. Do 10 reps.

Intensify your quad stretches as the muscles become sturdier. Stand with legs shoulder with afar and slowly angle the knees, then do shallow squats – ensuring the knees are stretched over the toes. Repeat until your muscles are relaxed.

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