Biceps Injury

  1. Stand close to a wall so the right part of the body is directed to the wall. Position yourself somewhat closer than arm’s distance from the wall
  2. Situate the right hand on the wall so the shoulder, elbow and wrist are aligned. The hand should be even against the wall and fingertips directed to the ceiling. Rotate the hand 90 degrees clockwise
  3. Spin leftward advancing the feet and rotate the hips and chest until experiencing elasticity in the right biceps. Curl gently to intensify the stretch with slight modifications in the body. Control this stretch 30 seconds and relax
  4. Shift the body so it’s directed leftward to the wall
  5. Put the left hand on the wall so the arms are aligned with the shoulder, elbow to the wrist. The hand should be flat on the wall with the fingertips directed up
  6. Rotate the left hand 90 degrees counterclockwise for a considerable stretch
  7. Gently rotate rightward by shifting the feet, hips and chest until experiencing elasticity in the left biceps. Maintain the stretch 30 seconds
  8. Diversify this workout by stretching backward and forward, and side to side of the body at least 30 seconds on each side


Avoid bouncing while controlling the stretch. The initial stretching range-of-motion (ROM) should be gradual, to prevent straining the biceps.


To increase the stretch, do 15 minutes of an easy aerobic workout to enhance body temperature. Warm muscles are suppler.



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