Pulled groin treatment

Pulled Groin Treatment Hockey

A groin injury usually involves the muscles in the thigh and groin when these muscles have too much force applied or stretched suddenly they become strained causing an injury know as a groin pull.

A groin pull injury can occur in patients who practice sports such as jumping, football and hockey.

Symptoms of a groin pull vary depending on the severity usually the patient feels a severe pain in the groin or thigh and may have problems raising the leg. In some cases the patient may feel a popping or snapping sensation followed by a severe pain.
Pulled groin treatment is simple and is the same routine for most muscle injuries:
Rest, rest is always important to allow the injury to heal.

  • Stretching may help the healing process however patients are advised not to stretch to much as it can have an opposite affect slowing down the healing process.
  • Ice, Ice is always used to reduce inflammation this should be applied in the first forty-eight hours.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication is a simple torn calf treatment it can be used to help reduce pain and swelling.
  • Physical therapy to allow the leg to regain its normal function through gentle exercise.

This injury could take up to six weeks to heal to prevent a pulled groin injury, exercising tendons and muscles and carrying out a proper warm up.

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