Quadriceps Stretches

Active range-of-motion (ROM) exercises are beneficial in the initial period of rehab while movement is moderate. Angle and even the knee through its total ROM. It can be done while sitting, standing, and laying down. Do 10 reps (as many sets that you can withstand), thrice daily

  Hip flexor stretch

This stretch concentrates on Rectus femoris and Iliopsoas muscles. Kneel one knee on the surface and the opposite foot outward in front with the knee angled. Advance the hips forward and maintain the back erect. There should be elasticity at the frontal hip and upper thigh. Do it up to 30 seconds, do 3 sets, thrice daily

  Passive quadriceps stretch

This stretch uses extraneous stamina to elongate the muscles. You can do this stretch or the static squad stretch (both aren’t required). Stand in front of the wall, angle the knee and incline back onto the foot. Or a partner can press on your leg while in the laying-down stretch. Hold it up to 30 seconds and do 3 sets, thrice daily

  Static quadriceps stretch

This can be done standing or laying on your front. Haul your foot of the strained quad to your gluteus until sensing a slight stretch on the frontal thigh. Slant your hip backward to intensify the stretch. Hold up to 30 seconds, do 3 sets and thrice daily

  Lying sideward quadriceps stretch

Lay sideward and hold the upper ankle or forefoot. Draw the ankle or forefoot to the gluteus. Straighten the hip by motioning the knee backward, hold it then do it on the reverse side. Stretch the quad up to 30 seconds. Don’t permit the knee to broaden upward from the surface. When the knee isn’t totally flexed, the Iliopsoas may be stretched. The quad won’t be effectively stretched.

  Kneeling quadriceps stretch

Draw backward and clutch on the foot of the back leg. Delicately angle the knee and raise the foot from the surface to the gluteus, until sensing elasticity over the frontal hip and thigh. Stretch up to 30 seconds, drop and do the opposite leg. Don’t overstretch the knee

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