Tightened shoulders impacts employees that perform stationary and clerical work for prolonged durations. Luckily, there are a variety of workouts to slacken tautened shoulder muscles.

The following are standard workouts to relax inelastic shoulder muscles:

Relax Tautened Shoulder Muscles

  • easy theraband exercises
  • lateral neck flexion
  • legs across chair
  • neck extension
  • overhead or posterior shoulder stretch
  • shoulder lifts or shrugs
  • shoulder opener
  • standing shoulder rotation
  • supine overhead lift

Abate tight shoulder muscles at work

Inspect the level of the keyboard. Avoid towering a keyboard otherwise you can perpetuate stooped shoulders while typing.

Relax the shoulders in brief intervals.

Partly open the lips and slacken the jaw.

Steadily breathe because stress accumulates without routine exhalation.

An aerobic workout (walking or running, etc.) helps to alleviate shoulder construction.

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