The upcoming strengthening workouts are elemental exercises to reinforce a strained triceps and elbow. Do 10 reps, thrice daily. When elbow durability enhances, the workouts can slowly be intensified by increasing reps and weight of contraction as long as it doesn’t aggravate pain.

One hand triceps press. Do this workout sitting or standing. Elevate a lightweight dumbbell behind the neck, allowing it to suspend behind the neck so the dumbbell is vertical. Then push the dumbbell upward (also flex the triceps) so the arm is straight up next return to the beginning position and repeat.

Static biceps exercises. Start this workout with the elbow at the side and angled 90 degrees, palm upward. Press against the opposite hand, compressing the biceps. Control five seconds and do 10 reps intensely, without pain.

Triceps Wall PressTriceps wall press doesn’t need equipment. Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart in front of a wall. Situate the palms together in front of the chest with the fingers directed upward. Then move toward the wall and push backward simulating a push-up. Do 10 repetitions and three sets.

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