Significant Stretches For Joggers

Heel drop exercises substantially help to avert Achilles tendonitis.  Stand on an edge (or curb) with the front foot. Decline the heels and count to five then ascend again. Repeat and do up to 10 reps.

Stand straight and clutch one leg upward is useful for a quadriceps stretch. Stability is important so balance yourself against a wall or another fixed object. Stand straight on one foot, and angle the leg backward the foot against the backside. Clutch the foot and nonchalantly count to 10. Rotate legs and do two sets on each leg.

The toe reach workout is constructive for stretching all muscles in the leg. Settle one leg against one another or somewhat afar, and straighten them, then touch the toes with the hands. Count to 10 and do three sets. An alternative to this exercise is toe reach with intersected legs.

The calf raise workout supports the Achilles tendon in preventing tendonitis and shin splints. Stand on a surface and upraise the heels for five seconds. Do up to 10 times.


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