Stop And Stretch When Cycling

The following are a combination of stretches to upgrade elasticity, abate pain, and moderate recuperation from muscle soreness or pain. Stopping and stretching when cycling neutralizes muscle stiffness and stress that is entailed with extensive cycling sessions. Condition leg muscles daily to upgrade stamina when resting from cycling.

Standing cobra – stand with feet hip distance apart. Hold your hands behind the back and raise the sternum and look somewhat upward. Profoundly breathe and extend the hands backward and downward, align the elbows and advance to elevating the chest. Hold for a minute and do two more times. This stretch assists to extend the arms, back, heart and lungs, also to counterpoise the injurious positioning perpetuated by an extensive cycling session

Twisting lunge – advance the left leg forward and decline until the knee is above the left ankle, and the right knee settles behind you. Exhale, gently rotate leftward, and grasp the right arm against the outlying left knee. Stare over the left shoulder to stretch the neck, back and intercostal muscles (between the ribs). Count 20 easy breaths while slowly expanding the twist then change sides

Stretches to improve aero location when cycling

Standing back extension – stand with the knees fairly curved and settle the palms against the lower back atop the hips and fingers, directed downward. Slowly press the palms forward to amplify the lower back. Maintain tolerable compression up to 12 seconds. Do twice. This stretch is useful after sitting for a prolonged duration of sitting

Double ‘reach for the sky’ stretch – this stretch can be done sitting or standing. Intercross the fingers atop the head. Next, have the palms directed upward and press the arm slightly back and upward. You should experience elasticity in the arm, shoulders and upper back. Stretch 15 seconds. This stretch helps counterpoise sinking shoulders

Three stretches when resting from cylcing

  • inner leg lengthener, knee lung, and pure hip



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