Eccentric Calf Muscle Exercises for Achilles Tendinopathy Part 2

Munteanu SE, Landorf KB, Menz HB, Cook JL, Pizzari T, Scott LA.Efficacy of customized foot orthoses in the treatment of Achilles tendinopathy: study protocol for a randomized trial. This video shows the exercise for a calf muscle. Learn how to prevent torn calf muscle and treating those muscle pulls.

Calf Muscle – Common Sports Injuries

This video discusses a strain of the calf muscle, one of the common sports injuries. It is caused from overuse, acceleration, and/or change of direction resulting in a tear of the lower leg muscles. Treatment includes, resting, icing, and physical therapy. Depending on the severity of the lower leg pain, rehab is a minimum of 2-3 weeks and a maximum of 8. Find out more about calf strain symptoms.

World’s Most Horrific Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are injuries that typically occur while participating in organized sports, competitions, training sessions, or organized fitness activities. These injuries may occur in teens for a variety of reasons, including improper training, lack of appropriate footwear or safety equipment, and rapid growth during puberty. Often overuse injuries seem less important than acute injuries. You...

Sprained Ankle – A Worst Injury

This is one example video of  a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle, or twisted ankle, is the most common type of soft tissue injury. Soft tissue means any tissue in your body that isn't bone. A minor sprain is when a ligament is stretched or partially torn. In severe sprains the ligament is completely torn. Sometimes the end of the bone to which a ligament is attached can crack or be pulled off....

How To Treat A Pulled Hamstring | First Aid Tips

After pulling a hamstring, the quickest way to relieve pain is to apply ice or cold packs to the muscle region, and wrap the damaged area with an elastic bandage. Promote healing for hamstring pulls with tips from a street firefighter in this free video on first aid and medical treatments. Expert: Joe Bruni Contact: [email protected] Bio: Captain Joe Bruni has over three decades of experience...

Back Exercises & Stretches : Hip Flexors Stretch

The hip flexors are a group of muscles in the hip joint that move the hip and by extension the leg forward while running or walking. The hip flexors also work with the abdominal muscles and work when the stomach is moved toward the legs, as in sit-ups. Hip flexor stretches can help improve general back health.  Learn how to stretch the hip flexors from a chiropractor in this free back health video....

How To Prevent Shin Splints During Cardio

Shin splints are painful and can hamper your exercise routine. Learn how to prevent shin splints during cardio in this exercise video and Find out what are the symptoms and causes and causes of shin splints as well as the shin splints treatment.

What Is A Pulled Hamstring? | Pulling A Hamstring

Learn what a pulled hamstring is in this visual depiction of what occurs in the body when you injured  your hamstring. Watch as muscle tears in this animation put together by  Learn more about hamstring injury treatment.

Sports Massage For Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are common in runners and track athletes. Learn how to do sports massage therapy for pulled hamstrings in this massage video lesson for massage therapists and athletes.  Visit hamstring pull prevention to learn other things you can do to prevent a pulled hamstring.

View Do: How To Wrap A Sprained Ankle

Learn how to properly wrap a sprained ankle with a compression wrap. Click this link to learn also what are the ankle sprain treatment and therapies.