How To Prevent Shin Splints : Empower Your Body

This Episode of Empower Your Body talks about: 1) Fit tip:  Shin Splints 2) Power : How to Prevent Shin Splints with a lower leg workout 3) Aspire Higher: The importance of rest.

Calf Ripped Off The Tendons

This is a video of  a high bar routine where it ripped the upper calf muscle off the tendons. Learn about the severity of a pulled calf muscle and a calf muscle pull therapies.

My Muscle Cramps When I Flex It

Demonstration of how my calf muscle tightens up into a hard painful ball when flexing it. Watch the muscles quiver right around the 59 second mark. Learn more about calf muscle and calf muscle pull therapies.

Basic First Aid : How To Tell The Difference Between An Ankle Sprain & A Break

Tell the difference between an ankle sprain and a break by evaluating the area for discoloration, swelling and possible deformities. Learn how numbness and other symptoms can aid in determining if a limb is sprained or broken with information from a firefighter in this free video on first aid. Click this link to find out about muscle pull prevention.

Hip Flexor Band Knee Rising Exercise

This video demonstrates the "band knee rising" hip flexor exercise using fitness tubes.  Band rising knee is a great exercise to strengthen the hip flexors. Fitness tubes are a perfect type of resistance for the hip flexors, since they are easy on the joints. This exercise mimics the function of the hip flexors. To find out more about hip flexor injury and hip flexor strain treatment click this...

Increase Flexibility With Exercise Balls : Hip Flexor Stretches

Using exercise balls to stretch hip flexors for better flexibility works well at home. Increase flexibility in the hips and pelvis on a stability ball with advice from a fitness instructor in this free fitness video. Click this link to know more about hip flexor stretches and exercise.

Injury Report: Pulled Groin – Dr. Jasko & Dr. Petty On Titans

Dr. Jasko and Dr. Petty, both with Baptist Sports Medicine, discuss a pulled groin injury and how it can be caused by insufficient stretching, can be common to both athletic and non-athletic people, and more. To find out how to prevent pulled groin just click this link.

Groin Pulls Can Happen Doing Simple Things

Even the slightest movement can cause a muscle pull if your body is not ready. Watch as this skateboarder pulls a groin muscle doing a simple trick. There can be many causes of a groin pull. To learn how to treat symptoms and recover faster see our groin pull treatment tips.

Calf Muscle Strain vs Achilles Tear

Learn how to identify a pulled calf muscle. Learn about the cause of calf muscle strain and how it differs from a torn Achilles tendon. To read more about pulled calf muscles click on torn calf muscle.

Wrestling – Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle occurs following a sudden sideways or twisting movement of the foot. An ankle sprain can occur during athletic events or during everyday activities. All it takes is an awkward step or an uneven surface to cause an ankle sprain--that is why sprained ankles are among the most common orthopedic injuries. Treatment of sprained ankles is important because returning to normal activities...