treating Incurable Muscle Rigidity

Daily, aging adults endure incurable muscle pain and tightness. This condition delimits routine range-of-motion (ROM), because of a history of injury from protracted inactivity, over-exercising, constant atrophy, or an accident. Also significant to casuals of muscle stiffness are being over-weight and emotional distress.

Lumbar pain and tightness eventually frequents everyone however lower-extremity, core, and neck muscles are regularly vulnerable to periodic muscle restriction. Don’t impulsively immobilize yourself or consume pain relievers upon sensing recurring muscle pain and tightness.

Inactivity perpetuates rigidness and heightened stress in muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, muscles, and soft tissues. Medication is facile and an ephemeral alternative. Typically, immobilization and a pain reliever is for an acute condition to abate an inflammatory reaction. However, these remedies are counterproductive for reoccurring myofascial pain syndrome.  Actually, mobility workouts and myofascial release methods are endorsed for anatomical and physiological stress, instead of just symptomizing them.

Progression workouts. Mobility exercises advances ROM in the joint. Muscle activity upsurges blood circulation and nutriment to the muscles, moreover it dynamically stretches ligaments and fascia, muscles, and tendons adjacent the joint.

Mobility workouts not only assist to progress soft tissue elasticity, but also avoid adhesions and aggravating constriction, and scar tissue. Never do them with joint pain. Enhancement of ROM should be gradual. Movement should be fluid without twitching or accelerated ROM. The rate of mobility workouts can improve as muscles and nearby soft tissues warm-up.

Static stretching should succeed mobility workouts to relax and sustain elasticity of soft tissues being intense.

Introductory dynamic mobility workouts

  • Abdominals
  • Arm swings
  • Full back
  • Groin (hip abduction) & hip adduction
  • Hip flexion & hamstrings
  • Side Bends
  • Trunk Rotations

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