Triceps Tear Recovery Time

Triceps muscle strain is an over-stretched or torn muscle tissue. Damaged blood vessels may cause bruising.

Common symptoms for a triceps muscle strain are

  • Ÿ  pain
  • Ÿ  tenderness
  • Ÿ  swelling
  • Ÿ  stiffness
  • Ÿ  inflammation

A triceps muscle tear is graded one to three, and is either a partial or complete tear. A grade one is minor pain and swelling, with regular movement. A grade two is a partial tear that needs physiotherapy exercises for muscle repair and regain muscle flexibility. A grade three is a complete tear requiring surgery for muscle repair and up to three months (post-surgery) of physiotherapy rehabilitation.

The initial treatment should be the conventional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) technique. Specially ice and compression 48 hours after the accident. Ice the triceps for 20 minutes, every two hours, up to three days. Upon stabilizing swelling and inflammation attempt ROM exercises and stretch frequently to help muscle flexibility. A compression wrap or brace should apply at least two inches of support; it helps healthier circulation and reduce inflammation. Rest and elevation, with proper arm technique helps muscle repair and flexibility.

A grade two strain is typically up to 2.5 months of recovery time, with physiotherapy exercises. A grade three is a complete tear requiring surgery and up to three months of rest. Also a physiotherapy program for to help muscle repair.

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