Popliteal Therapy Workouts

The petite muscle deriving from the posterior tibia that implants onto the lower femur, is the popliteal muscle. It assists to compress the lower leg to the back thigh and revolves the tibia, because it traverses the back of the knee joint. The popliteal muscle prompts knee flexion. The popliteal muscle helps loosen the knee by laterally circulating the femur on the tibia, when the leg straightens at the knee.

This muscle is prone to a sprain when implanting the feet and rotating the body, particularly in sports like basketball and football. After strain, there are various specialized workouts to restore durability and performance in the popliteal muscle.

Leg curls Рfixate the end of a resistance band (RB) to the surface of a shut door or another fixated surface at ground level. Tie the opposite side around your ankle. Position yourself prostrate and direct the feet to the fastened location of the RB. Elevate the heel upward and to the glutes. The further from the door the extra resistance there’ll be in the back leg. Gently return the beginning and repeat up to 25 reps.

Reverse heel tap – secure a RB to an end preferably a low, fixated accessory (like a table leg). Anchor the opposite end to your foot by enveloping the handle around your opposite foot. Next, stand up with feet conjoined. Stabilize yourself to a surface for more support (ex. against a wall). Flex the leg at the knee and take the foot behind your other leg. Try and contact your other hip with the heel. This ROM contracts the knee also internally revolves the tibia, constructively conditioning the popliteal muscle. Return to the beginning stance and repeat up to 20 reps.

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