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Useful Muscle Pull or Strain Resources


Here are additional links and information about muscle pulls.

Stretches and Exercise Videos from YouTube

Hamstring stretches to recover from hamstring pulls

Various hamstring stretches to help prevent hamstring injuries or hamstring pulls. Also good to do as you rehab your pulled hamstring.

Stretches for groin pulls recovery
Learn several different stretches and exercises to build strength and flexibility in your groin muscles.  Start lightly, then build up the intensity.

Quadriceps muscle exercises and stretches Different quad stretch demonstrations to help keep your quadriceps loose.  Select the video for your flexibility level.

Prevent pulled calf muscles
These stretches are good for athletes in any sport to help prevent calf injuries.  Perform once your body is warmed up.

Hip flexor stretches
Hip flexors are often the least stretched area of the leg.  However, a hip flexor injuries can sideline you for weeks.  Be proactive and incorporate these stretches into your daily routine.

Shin splints stretches
Once you have shin splints, you need to let them calm down. One key to prevention is to stretch properly before running.  Here are some stretches you can do for the shin and calf area of the leg.


Reference Sites for Muscle Injuries


Overview on muscles and muscle tissue from Wikipedia
Wikipedia gives a good overview of the different types of muscle tissue in the body as well as general anatomy complete with images.  In addition, it outlines the difference between slow twitch and fast twitch skeletal muscle fibers.

Symptoms and tests for muscle strain from WebMD
Highlights typical symptoms and self tests you can do to gauge the severity of your injury and whether or not you should seek immediate medical help.  Also covers the common treatments a doctor will typically recommend.

Latest sports medicine news from Medical News Today
Find the latest daily news in sports medicine and latest study results.

Help identify your exact injury
For general information on a variety of sports injuries visit this online sports injury clinic.

Popular orthopedic articles on
Additional resources to identify non muscle pull type injuries like sore knees, tendonitis, ligament damage, and other severe or chronic type sport injuries.


Injury Reports for the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB from ESPN


NFL Injury Report
Tom Brady is back or is he? Get the latest injury news on your favorite football players.  Organized by team.

NBA Injury Report
See if Kobe Bryant or LeBron James is hurt.  Find the latest team by team injury breakdown.

NHL Injury Report
Is Sidney Crosby going to play in the next game.  Find out team by team if your star player is ready to play.

MLB Injury Report
It’s a long season.  Is A-Rod going to play? Will the Boston Red Sox have their best players on the field. Find out who has pulled hamstrings, sprained ankles or worse.  Team by team breakdown.

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