Stretching Biceps Injury

Sit and stretch the biceps. Sit on a surface with the knees curved in front of you. Situate the hands on the floor behind you and palms downward, with the fingers splayed and directed outwardly from the body. Hold the hands contiguously, after walk forward from the hands. Continue advancing forward until experiencing substantial elasticity in the biceps (without pain). Do this stretch 20 seconds.



Biceps Injury

Stand and stretch the biceps. Begin standing, and grip the hands behind your back. With the hands clutched, shift them so they’re pointing downwards. Afterward elevate the hand until sensing healthy elasticity in the biceps. Do this stretch 20 seconds. The standing biceps stretch also stimulates the chest and deltoid muscles.



Stretch your arms with a wall. Firstly, look opposite from the wall and situate both hands on the wall palms downward. Settle the hands next to each other and raise them as much as possible on the wall. The fingers should direct upwards and splayed which gives more stability. Then, squat downward ensuring the buttocks is approaching the wall, and the torso is bending outward from the wall. Do the stretch 20 seconds. The two-arm wall biceps stretch also stimulates the chest and deltoid muscles.

T-stretch for the biceps is simple to do anywhere. Stand with the legs at shoulders width apart then elevate the arm outwardly to the sides. The arms should compose a ‘T’ and angled 90 degrees with the body. Hold the palms downward and shift the arms so the palms are pointing behind you. Experience muscle elasticity without pain. Breathe and do this stretch 20 seconds.

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