Generally, a wrist injury can damage ligaments and tendons consequently imposing considerable pain from routine range-of-motion (ROMs). Specific stretching and strengthening workouts improve muscles and tendons.

Conditioning (stretching and strengthening) a wrist strain is angling and contracting the wrist in multiple angles, to enhance elasticity and to stretch ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Stretching also upsurges blood circulation to the muscles that expedites the healing process. When you recoup ROM in the wrist (without pain) then intensify your workouts by incrementing resistance or weights to enhance the wrist muscles, which helps avoid more strain.

Strained wrist injury

Basic flexion and lengthening workouts are practical after a wrist injury, because most of your ROMs may be delimited (contingent on the seriousness of strain). Start by clasping the hand so the fingers are directed upward with the palm open. Incurvate the fingers then curve and outstretch the wrist gently backwards, which is known as extension. Maintain extension up to five seconds then angle and outstretch the wrist forward that’s flexion, and hold flexion up to five seconds. Do these rotation workouts up to four minutes, and bend the wrist further every time.

After recuperating ROM in your wrist then intensify the stretches to bolster blood circulation to the wrist muscles. Hold the hand in front of you with the palm open, directed away from you and the fingers closed. Grip the fingers of the strained hand with your other hand then leisurely shift backwards, curving and outstretching the wrist. Rest a couple of minutes. Settle the strained hand on a flatly on a firm surface (ex. table) and angle forward, curving the wrist, and control this posture up to 10 seconds and rest.

Try a ball grip workout. Use a ball the size of a tennis ball. Grip it with the strained hand and compress it tightly ensuring all fingers are squeezing. Maintain the finger compression five seconds and disengage to loosen the wrist. Do 10 times to strengthen your grip, and until you can do three sets of 10 reps.

If there’s fierce pain in the wrist when conditioning the wrist then it’s a symptom not to exercise and continue resting until it’s abated. Consult with a physician how much you should rest. Audible wrist strain while conditioning is a severe strain that requires immediate medical attention.

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