Women Fitness – How To Build Strength And Flexibility In The Hip Flexor

The Kinetic Bands Dynamic Kinetic Stretch is great for working the Hips and  Hip Flexor. To keep the joints moving and strengthening and to prevent injuries and muscle pull later on specially osteoporosis for women.

Hip Flexor Band Knee Rising Exercise

This video demonstrates the "band knee rising" hip flexor exercise using fitness tubes.  Band rising knee is a great exercise to strengthen the hip flexors. Fitness tubes are a perfect type of resistance for the hip flexors, since they are easy on the joints. This exercise mimics the function of the hip flexors. To find out more about hip flexor injury and hip flexor strain treatment click this...

Increase Flexibility With Exercise Balls : Hip Flexor Stretches

Using exercise balls to stretch hip flexors for better flexibility works well at home. Increase flexibility in the hips and pelvis on a stability ball with advice from a fitness instructor in this free fitness video. Click this link to know more about hip flexor stretches and exercise.

Hip Flexor Stretch and Exercises

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment |Prevention Take the time and effort to recover fully from a pulled hip flexor. Reinjury can be demoralizing... Some key principles to follow to prevent future muscle strains include: Try not to compensate for pain or weakness in one muscle group by overusing muscles in other areas. Instead, work to proportionally strengthen all muscle groups...

Hip Flexor Strain Treatment

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment | Prevention When you experience a hip flexor strain, you want to limit the time you’re going to spend on the sidelines. But, don’t worry - you can recover stronger and better than ever. Let’s take a look at what you can do to return to full strength. The most commonly accepted approach to treatment is the RICE technique (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate)...

Severity of Strained Hip Flexor

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment | Prevention Strains are typically graded a level 1, 2, or 3 depending on how severe the injury is. For example, a Grade 1 means you have a minor muscle tear and is the least serious injury; a Grade 2 indicates a partial tear and is more serious; whereas, a Grade 3 is the most severe and means you have a complete rupture of the hip flexor muscles. Your...

Hip Flexor Strain Symptoms

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment | Prevention The specific symptoms you’ll experience with a pulled hip flexor muscle depends upon the severity of the strain. Given the location of the strain and the six muscles involved, it is often difficult to pinpoint the actual muscle(s) affected. Common symptoms of a strained hip flexor muscle include: sudden, sharp pain in the upper hip,...

Hip Flexor Injury

Overview | Symptoms | Severity | Treatment | Prevention The hip flexor muscles are a group of six muscles located in your hip and upper front of your thigh – a stretch or tear in any of these muscles is considered a pulled hip flexor muscle. Your hip flexor muscles are responsible for lifting the leg forward, and especially used in sprinting and kicking and cycling motions. A hip flexor strain...

Back Pain Prevention – Hip Flexor Stretch

Here is a good stretch for the hip flexor muscle. Doing this stretch regularly can help prevent a muscle pull in the hip flexor and help reduce common lower back pain caused by tight hip flexor muscles. Click to learn more about hip flexor injuries.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Learn a simple stretch for your hip flexor muscle to prevent injury to this area. The hip flexor muscle is used to raise your leg and is used in jumping, running, and other explosive athletic movements. Visit hip flexor injury on the pulled muscle site to learn more about treatment and prevention.